Each opening our outlets will always be present as one of the pioneers and icons modern coffee shop in your town, to introduce to the public the EGO as a lifestyle.

Choosing the right franchise business is an important decision. In EGO COFFEE, we chose our franchise partners carefully so that our standards are maintained and to ensure that any prospective franchise partners to make the right decisions for the future. We are looking for partners who have the passion, keen to develop brand EGO, and have a high motivation in running the business.

And why this business is very suitable and useful for you?

  1. EGO COFFEE proven prime with visitors and popular coffee pencita particular and for those who need a place to hang out.
  2. Management and systems that have been developed within the EGO COFFEE business network has become a very important element and determine the direction of development of this business.
  3. EGO COFFEE own brand (brand label) that has been known
  4. Evidence of the presence of a number of coffee shop shows that this project is very feasible to emerge as a consistent brand.
  5. Daily cash system payback and return proved that posed no receivables
  6. EGO COFFEE been tested so that business partners will be spared from this period as well as trying a new business, operational systems lie, weaknesses in human resources, business strategy less reach the targets, etc.
  7. EGO COFFEE has been proven to provide added value to the partner company in terms of exclusivity brand and customer loyalty
  8. EGO COFFEE serves a different menu and the most complete and tailored to consumer surveys in each region
  9. EGO COFFEE-serving promo special promotions on certain months
  10. EGO COFFEE can work together to hold the event, supported by partner companies nationwide.