brand3Starting from a small coffee shop, where many people gather, joking, joking, working, busy themselves, playing some even being aloof diemani suah coffee cup. From that point where social life style is formed in a container as simple as a coffee shop.

By observation and in-depth study, we saw a huge business opportunity in which this business will never fade dielan time and enduring of all time, namely food & beverage business.

We set up a coffee shop called EGO. Very simple, easy to remember, but it has a deep meaning. EGO is the ability themselves to seek, find, and a relationship with the objects in the outside world. Our hope outlets we created to answer a phenomenon that humans need a container or a place to socialize with one another with the packaging of luxury, elegance, exclusivity and quality.

The Ego Coffee, label the word “ego” to describe the condition of young people who have a high desire in all things, including enjoying the taste of quality coffee. Present the first time in Malang in early 2015, The Ego Coffe brought the concept of modern interiors and gentle thus presenting a different sensation café with other café.